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Submit your dream tour!
The Temanahere II puts its powerful engine and equipment *
at your service
and its skipper will lead you to original spots.


Snorkeling and wake board in the lagoon…

Catch & release or pêche à la carte

The boat is equipped for fishing is equipped for deep fishing with a 1Gz probe up to 1000 meters and a MIYA Z20 reel (a dedicated battery allows you to fish comfortably) for hoa, paru (tahitian fishes).     

Trolling with shimano 130 (2 rods)     

Jig fishing with Zenaq and shimano 20000 (2 rods) for the jack fishes, matavai ...     

Poppers fishing for the jacks.

*2016 "Motor Boat Of The Year" – 300 CV – Shimano, jig, popper – moulinets & cannes…

Dream Tahiti Cruise is open to your special requests for excursions and cultural discoveries.


You may prefer an exit "Sport fishing" proposed in catch & release for marlins, tunas, thazards...


on the conditions, our captains, will take you to the best fishing spots, known only by insiders.

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