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Welcome aboard the Temanahere II!
In romantic escape, with your family or with friends,
enjoy the wonders of the Pacific ocean or the polynesian lagoon.
Dream Tahiti Cruise and the Mana

Once upon a time there were islands surrounded by the most brightfull colors in the world. The Mana circulates on and under water to give those who approach it incredible sensations.


Dream Tahiti Cruise wants you to live such exciting moments, full of Mana, whether you are a couple, family or with friends. To savor what Polynesia offers at sea but also on the plate, a raw fish or snacks will be offered during trip.


The relaxation and the energy of the sea will thus be able to recharge and  fill you with unforgettable moments.

(Mana: the emanation of the spiritual power of the group and helps to gather it.) Mana is, according to Mauss, creator of social link. Source : Wikipedia

 The Temanahere II

Built by Jeanneau, world leader and reference of compact and luxurious units, the Temanahere II is versatile and really comfortable.

Power side: it will access to your desires: navigate in peace to appreciate the surrounding beauty or, if you are more sporty, to have fun while riding the wake board and the towed buoy. And the equipment is ready for a fishing trip to enjoy amateurs!


On the well-being side: besides the wide bench where sunbathing would soon become a must-to-do, the cabin is bright and welcoming. It will provide a pleasant break. A teak table and comfortable banquettes will welcome you during the snack. The Temanahere II is also equipped with real toilets, a shower, a sink and a fridge for your greatest satisfaction.

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